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Now in our 20th year serving clients in New England, New York, Chicago, and DC.

Business Portals

We can implement secure and mobile-friendly portals for easier collaboration and better communications for your staff, clients, and partners.

Business Process Automation

We can build flexible workflows that save you time, reduce errors, improve visibility and increase accountability.

Business Intelligence

We can combine data from multiple sources in interactive dashboards that provide you with real-time metrics and new business insights.

Learning Management

With our partner LMS365, we can deliver custom training solutions with built-in tracking and compliance reporting. Tightly integrated with SharePoint and Teams.

Document & Record Management

Our first area of focus, we can build custom solutions for managing and safeguarding your critical business documents from first draft to final disposition.


Office 365 Business Transformation

From Point Solutions to Business Platform

Office 365 Before and After

Office 365 is a collection of cloud capabilities including: Exchange, SharePoint, Office, OneDrive, PowerBI, Sway, Azure Active Directory, Delve, Video, Yammer, Skype.

Each of these can be used as individual point solutions to address specific business needs. However, you can increase the benefit you get from Office 365, by creating a structured framework, to pull all the pieces into a unified whole. Our SmartPortal Architecture™ is one such framework for structuring your SharePoint/Office 365 environment.

Our SmartPortal Architecture™ can be implemented entirely on out-of-the-box Office 365, and has a number of important benefits including:

  • Consistent and simpler integration of the various components in Office 365.
  • Enables users to more easily find what they’re looking for (documents, lists, people).
  • Increases security with role based access to different parts of the environment (e.g. staff, clients, and partners).
  • Enables easier administration and delegation for different parts of the environment.
  • Enables easier reporting and roll-up of information from specific parts of the environment.
  • Eliminates redundancy and duplication of effort by leveraging shared components across the environment.
  • Enables you to build out your environment according to your short term priorities, while ensuring that later pieces will not be hampered by what came first.

Two Scenarios

To ensure that you get maximum business value from your Office 365 investment, we have designed two focused services ... each of which is based on our SmartPortal Architecture™:

Office365 StartUp™

If you haven't yet signed up for Office 365, but would like to, this service is for you. FTG can help you organize your approach, assess your current content, move your Exchange and Network Drives to Office 365, and configure a start-up intranet/extranet/collaboration environment based on our SmartPortal Architecture(tm). You can then add features according to your specific priorities while ensuring that you won't "paint yourself into a corner" in the future.

Office 365 TuneUp

If you are already using Office 365 and would like to integrate the individual O365 point solutions and create a structured business platform, check out our Office365 TuneUp. It's a 2-3 week, fixed-price consulting engagement that will provde you with a structured foundation that's tailored to your business and based on our SmartPortal Architecture™.

SharePoint Specialization

Today there's so much technical variety and depth in Office 365, that many Microsoft Partners specialize in certain areas of the overall "O365 solution stack". Our specialty is SharePoint (On-Prem & Online in Office365).

Microsoft actively promotes its partners to do this type of partner specialization and provides a secure "delegated admin" process that has made it simple for businesses to get help from different partners for different parts of Office 365.

So, for example, you could continue to use your current Microsoft partner for their expertise in Exchange and Lync, and simply add FTG as a "delegated admin" for SharePoint support.

Microsoft Cloud Partner Image

SharePoint Support as a Service (SSAAS)

Most small to medium businesses don't have the need or the budget for a full time SharePoint expert. With IT staff stretched thin, it's hard to keep up, let alone innovate. If this sounds familiar, this service is for you! This service provides you with varying levels of access to SharePoint and Office 365 expertise for one low predictable monthly cost.

Business Solutions These are our key focus areas within the overall SharePoint "ecosystem". These a-la-carte services are generally available in your choice of either time and materials or on a fixed price project basis.

Intranet & Extranet Solutions

Are you worried about your company's uncontrolled use of Dropbox and not knowing where everything is and who outside your organization can access it? We have developed our SmartPortal Architecture™ for SharePoint intranet & extranet solutions that look good, and are manageable, secure and easy to use. One of our clients told us that a prospect was so impressed with their extranet that it helped them close a significant piece of new business. (Your mileage may vary, but we're just sayin'!)

Business Intelligence Solutions

Microsoft's BI stack is tightly integrated with SharePoint and Office 365 and includes a variety of "self-service BI tools" that are add-ons in Excel and enable power users to create and publish compelling interactive reports and dashboards. FTG can help you navigate options and build a custom BI solution that provides valuable new insights into your business from the data you already have.

Business Process Solutions

Our workflow solutions aim to find the right balance between human tasks and automated tasks. Adding automation needs to be balanced with the costs of complexity and the need for flexibility in any particular workflow. In all cases, our workflow solutions make it easy to see the status of workflows "in flight", who's on point for the next task and when it's due, and retain history of completed tasks and workflows. We have created workflows using native SharePoint and with third party solutions like Nintex and, if needed, we can help you decide which approach would be better for your needs.

Document & Record Management Solutions

Improving document lifecycle processes such as creation, categorization, distribution, security, and retention is something that we have been doing long before SharePoint came along. SharePoint has some great capabilities for document and record management throughout the life of a document. We can help you set up your SharePoint environment and define the major types of documents you use in your business and the metadata you can track for each type. In addition to content types, document-centric solutions often leverage SharePoint's managed metadata, workflow, and search capabilities.

Enterprise Taxonomy

In our experience, one of the most under-utilized components of SharePoint is the Managed Metadata Service (MMS), which enables the creation of business taxonomies that can be leveraged throughout the SharePoint platform. A taxonomy is a pre-defined hierarchy of terms and ensures that users always use the same exact term in scenarios such as checking in a document to a library, filtering search results, or when driving a document management workflow.

Learning Management Solutions

Today's business environment often requires employees to complete training of on company policies, business technology use, safety and security practices, financial disclosure requirements, handling personally identifiable information, etc.   Many of these also come with legal regulations that require the company to keep records of each employee's compliance with these trainings. FTG is proud to be an implementation partner with ELEARNINGFORCE and their cloud-based LMS365 product (winner ‘Best Office Store App’ at European SharePoint Conference 2016)

Past Projects Here are some examples of the work we've done for some well known businesses. FTG was the prime contractor on many of these projects and sub-contractor on others but in all cases provided lead analysis, solution architecture, and technical roles.

Philips Medical Systems

Philips Medical Systems

Branding, Intranet, Migration
Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch

Architecture, Design, Development
Open Solutions, Inc.

Open Solutions, Inc.

Branding, Intranet, Development
Fair Factories Clearinghouse


Architecture, Design, Development


Architecture, Development
Tech Target

Tech Target

Architecture, Branding, Intranet
Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems

Architecture, Development
Levy Restaurants

Levy Restaurants

Development, Intranet, Branding
Compaq HPTC

Compaq HPTC

Architecture, Documents, Branding
Combined Jewish Philanthropies


Development, Intranet, Branding
Related Companies

Related Companies

Branding, Architecture, Development
1 Strong IT Background
5 Major SharePoint Versions
17 Years In Business
92 SharePoint Projects

About Us Who We Are, What We Do, and How We Do It

David Remillard

David Remillard

President / SharePoint Consultant
Future Technology Group, Inc.

FTG has helped small, medium, and large companies across the US with our business-centered, integrated approach to using SharePoint and Office 365. Lately we're focused on productizing our SmartPortal Architecture™ and consulting methodology so we can help more SMB's make better use of Office 365 and improve business performance.

Clients often tell us that our real-world business experience separates us from other "technology-first" SharePoint shops and we discovered 3 important ways that our business IT background helps our clients:

  1. Business Perspective ... Our cross-functional business perspective helps us identify and bridge departmental gaps or information siloes in key business processes. This is especially important for things like business process automation and workflow, business intelligence and executive dashboards, intranet and extranet architecture, and collaborative project workspaces that enable distributed teams (e.g. staff and partners responding to proposals or working together on a project).
  2. Technology Experience ... Our cross-domain technology experience helps companies that have their own IT people, and enables us to more effectively communicate and collaborate with them, whether for division of labor on the project, to leverage existing capabilities, or to train your IT staff in the "care and feeding" of the solution after implementation.
  3. Holistic Approach ... Our holistic approach to solution design enables us to build SharePoint solutions that are simultaneously simpler, less expensive, quicker to implement, and readily adopted by users. By holistic we mean that we include your current technical context and organizational culture in the "design mix" so we can move your people forward with specific short-term achievable goals then build incremental functionality on that foundation of good will, trust, and shared success.

FTG has done a wide range of SharePoint projects for a variety of business types and sizes. We've worked on new implementations, branding projects, upgrades, governance, business intelligence, enterprise social, forms based workflow, document management, and custom development projects. Clients include software companies, financial services, insurance, real estate, high-tech manufacturing, professional services, non-profits and philanthropic organizations.

We eat our own dogfood ... as they say, meaning that we also use Office 365 to run our business. And we run on our SmartPortal Architecture. We provide each client with their own portal for general communications, service requests, contracts, invoices, and other company-level information. In addition, we set up separate project workspaces for each project that we do for you. That way we can keep all project artifacts, deliverables, contact lists, calendars, tasks, issues, etc. in context when we (either FTG or our client) need to refer back to it later. It also is invaluable for our managed services clients.

We make extensive use of remote meetings and screen sharing and have been very successful in working with companies across the US using a combination of our project methodology, our client and project portals, and remote meetings with screen sharing.

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Core Competencies


We listen carefully to your current and future challenges and goals and identify your most important priorities. We make sure we understand and that we're all on the same page.


We let you know of new SharePoint capabilities and how they may best be leveraged to your advantage. We make extensive use of remote meetings and desktop sharing so we can show you what we're talking about real time..


We work with you to develop a shared vision of the solution we're building and the overall approach we'll take to get there. We balance costs and benefits of different options so you can optimize your tech spend.


We design the solution and make sure that it captures all the key aspects that we envisioned. We often do mockups and prototype key elements to get your early feedback.


We have built and implemented a wide variety of SharePoint solutions from small POC's to multi-phase rollouts. We can adjust our build and implementation process to match the scope of the project and client preference.


We're here for you! Each business client has a password-protected portal for access to FAQ's, training videos, project documentation and deliverables, previous service requests, etc. We can also provide a custom support package for your preferred level of ongoing O365/SharePoint support for a fixed monthly fee.

Partners Our awesome partners extend our capabilities and the range of solutions that we can offer to our clients.

So ... that's a little about us. How can we help you?

Get in Touch It costs nothing to talk! To start the conversation, just call us or send us an email.